Booking of Artists has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Clients

Qbolá Entertainment offers you the perfect and reliable system to book all the talented latin artists that have chosen the services of our company to promote their work, but we also believe that all  your suggestions will help us improving our services that's why below you'll find an overview with the FAQ by our clients.

How to do the booking of an Artist or Band through the website?

Once you have chosen the Artist or Band that matches your needs the next steps are as follow:

  1.  Select the approximate date of your venue.
  2. Select which month.
  3. Select type of event
  4. Select the venue capacity.
  5. Complete the pre - booking for a value of € 1 ( once - only Administration Costs ) and you will receive an invoice number that you can always use in the future each time you contact our services just by filling in the given (invoice # ) as a subject in the contact form on our website and  in that way your request will be processed even faster, after that you'll get a confirmation e-mail or a phone call within 24 hours with a price offer for your booking. 


What happens in case that the desired Artist or Band is not available?

In case that the  artist of your choice is not available for the desired date we will send you a proposal from a similar artist with a price offer you won't refuse  .

When should i make the payment?

The payment for the services must be made 14 working days before the event or 50 porcent 14  working days before the event and the other half on the same day of the event. 

What happens if for a particular reason i have to cancel my venue the very last minute and i have already paid?

In that case Qbolá Entertainment won't be able to refund your money 100% as we have costs that must be paid such as transportation of the artists, payment for their services etc. Anyways will always try to compensate your costs  some way for example : Qbolá Entertainment will offer you a discount on your next booking and will refund a low porcent of the costs you've made on the venue that have been cancelled.

What happens if Qbolá Entertainment fails to honour the terms on the contract?
In case of failure to honour the terms on the contract your money will be immediately refunded by Qbolá Entertainment.

Is Qbolá Entertainment responsible for the behavior or discipline of its Artists?
Yes, Qbolá Entertainment is 100% responsible for the quality of your event as well as the discipline and behavior of our artists before, during and after the event and the organizer of the event should be also responsible for the safety of the artists on stage .